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Month: February 2011

Your First Chome Extension

Your First Chome Extension

I made my first browser extension recently. Turns out that it is refreshingly easy.

I use Google Chrome. One of my favorite websites is, which I must admit to occasionally browsing at work. The problem is that SlickDeals makes its money via referrals. i.e. if I post a link to, SlickDeals parses the URL and generates a redirect via a referral URL.



This would be fine, however my work blocks all the intermediate sites the modified link redirects via, so it is necessary to copy the…. URL, which fortunately is in plaintext, from the modified URL and paste it into a new window.

After doing this 100 times or so I was pretty fed up so I wrote an extension to parse the modified URLs and return them to their original form.

Creating a Chrome extension to parse and modify page content

Android & SQLite – 1MB limit, IOException and general woes.

Android & SQLite – 1MB limit, IOException and general woes.

This long weekend I worked on an app: Scrabble For Anagrams. The UI took about 8 hours. The engine to generate and perform rapid lookups of character permutations took about 8 hours. After 2 days of hard work I believed the app was working great and was nearly ready to go on the market. The dictionary was converted into a SQLite DB outside of the android application and was included as an asset.

However, my original dictionary (found online) contained only 10K words and I pretty rapidly found some word combinations that were valid but weren’t in the dictionary – clearly unacceptable. No problem! I found a freely available 400K word dictionary, generated the new DB and placed it in the asset folder. Build, run and bam! IOException.

Dump, Split and Rebuild the DB